• What do the experts think about INDOOR HOCKEY?

    Austin Smith (SA men’s hockey captain and PRINCESS Player), James Drummond (SA u21 player) and Miets Wagstaff (parent of Michael and Sharli who both play PSI indoor hockey) take you through their thoughts on PSI indoor hockey which has over 4000 junior players playing INDOOR HOCKEY across SA.

    Also interesting to note is that Germany are double Olympic Gold medallists in 2008 and 2012 and they are also double Indoor World Cup gold medallists in 2007 and 2011. Next FIH Indoor World Cup is in 2015! Both SA men's and women's teams have qualified.

    Austin Smith (SA men’s hockey captain and PRINCESS Player)

    “Indoor hockey is an incredibly exciting game! It’s FAST and teaches you quick reactions, great ball control and amazing skills!

    When I was at school, indoor hockey was not offered to boys (and no PSI back then either!) We were so desperate to play indoor hockey, we snuck into the school indoor hall every Sunday to play for 2hours!

    No doubt indoor hockey has helped me develop into the player I am today. Indoor was also where I first learnt how to push and flick! Now I flick for South Africa and Den Bosch my Dutch club!

    I wish I had a chance to play more indoor as a junior player. I would have loved to compete in a league and go to a National tournament! Don’t miss out!”

    James Drummond (SA u21 player)

    “I have played PSI indoor since Grade 8 and have not missed a year since! Indoor helped me develop fitness, strong stick work and skills. Indoor hockey played a major role in my hockey career helping me make the SAu21 side while only 17 years old. I went on to win PSI Nationals in my matric year and subsequently was the highest goal scorer at the 2012 Senior Indoor Interprovincial Tournament. If you have an opportunity to play PSI – take it with both hands! You will not look back!”

    Miets Wagstaff (parent of Michael and Sharli who both play PSI)

    “In the Wagstaff’s residence, we think, plan, eat and dream PSI Nationals. Schedules and everything else are moved around the big event – that is our holiday every year – we absolutely love it! PSI Nationals – one word – EXHILARATING!

    Michaels words – NO EXCUSE!
    Sharli – AWESOME – can’t wait!

    The day my kids started playing indoor hockey is the day their lives changed (probably forever). Sharli was always a “B-team” player at school but after one PSI experience, she did not move to A-team in Grade 5, BUT to the 1st team of her school and then WP zonals the year after! Not only did her skills level improve by leaps and bounces, but also her confidence – she absolutely lives for it!


    My advice for anyone who reaches for the stars like Michael and Sharli (i.e. ultimately SA’s), is to get the PSI indoor hockey family part of your life and the skill and support system to get there will automatically follow. “

    Find out more about PSI indoor hockey atwww.psihockey.co.za or www.facebook.com/psihockey



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