PRINCESS Players, PRINCESS Coaches and PRINCESS Umpires form part of the national PRINCESS Ambassador team.

Princess Ambassadors share an unrivalled passion for,knowledge of and loyalty to the PRINCESS brand. Combine this incredible character with hockey ability and you have an unstoppable force set to change SA hockey forever. PRINCESS for life by choice! 

Our major challenge currently as a brand, is that we are being BOMBARDED with sponsorship requests daily as we are the fastest growing hockey brand in SA by far! We almost shut this page down as we are just not able to respond to the hundreds of applicants especially between January and May as that is our busiest time of the year! During our busy season we need to ensure our customers, retailers, clinics, events and current ambassadors are getting our full attention. If we don't focus on equipment sales during this time, there will be no budget to sponsor anyone. Make sense?

Ambassador sponsorships is only one aspect of the PRINCESS brand! We are about soooooo much more than that! Giving sticks to every coach and player is one thing (and not our goal!) but making a lasting impact on the long term development of people and hockey as a sport is another! We would much rather make a larger impact in SA hockey by sponsoring development and grass roots initiatives or sponsoring events, schools and clubs that are doing an amazing job at growing the game and the people in it! That said, we want a few amazing ambassadors in each region to carry out our mission! 

PRINCESS Ambassadors are special people.... they are the 0.05% of people who are good at most of the following: 

  • CHARACTER CHARACTER CHARACTER. PRINCESS Ambassadors possess it in abundance! Character plus hockey ability but not just hockey ability and zero character!
  • They are super active and supportive of one another and hockey on social media (lots of facebook pages and twitter)!
  • They come to EVERY single PRINCESS Sponsored Event and get involved as volunteers wherever possible doing whatever!
  • They love what PRINCESS is doing in SA with the best coaching clinics in SA and tell everyone about them! They are not above spreading the word about these events by handing out flyers at their school / club, sending out emails or posting on social media. 
  • They know everything about the PRINCESS equipment range especially the sticks (star, mould, size)! They can give anyone advice about what PRINCESS stick would suite your game!
  • They are highly involved in hockey and just love the game to bits! They can't get enough!
  • They are knowledgeable about hockey affairs in their Province! They know and are liked by most!
  • They make sure they have their PRINCESS stick in every photo and always wear PRINCESS clothing to training! They always associate themselves with the brand visibly and take every PR opportunity possible to promote the brand! 
  • They know who Austin Smith, Daniel Sibbald and Teun de Nooijer are!
  • They make friends with the retail shops in the area that stock PRINCESS (or should stock PRINCESS!) and are always willing to lend a hand at a mobile shop or give the retail store some friendly advice or guidance on popular sticks. 
  • Princess Ambassadors want to be PRINCESS for life by choice. They are so loyal, changing brands isn't even in their vocabulary!
  • It's not about the money for them... its about the HOCKEY!
  • They update us on social media about all their schools or IPT results, achievements and events they are involved in. They post pics and don't send long emails with their CV's! They create a community of hockey people with awesome content to share with one another!
  • They get a chance to be seen of the PRINCESS website and all complete profiles in case they are so lucky to be featured :-)!


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