Star Description

Princess Sportsgear indicates the quality and rigidity of the sticks by the way of “stars”. We use a scale of 2 to 7 stars.

  • The higher the number of stars, the higher the percentage of carbon in the stick.
  • The higher the percentage of carbon, the more rigid the stick is (which delivers more striking power)

Stick Specifications

Every type of stick we make is unique in its kind.

To describe its uniqueness we have created a transparent (removable) sticker which you can find on the inside describing every detail of the stick for you.

Stick Elements


Aerospace foam core head, woven carbon and computer controlled RTM resin injection system. Light-weight, balanced, effortless for the highest level of competition.

Extra Control Zone

The inside of each curl is coated with a roughed surface to provide extra grip and control when dribbling with the ball.

Recognizable End Cap

The new collection of sticks have been outfitted with a bright orange end cap. A small detail, but recognizable from anywhere on the field!

Perforated Grip

All our 5,6 and 7 star sticks come with a special perforation ebsures an enhanced moist absorption, so it's easy to maintain a firm grip on your stick.

SG Mould Indiction

The SG code on our sticks has moved from the bottom to the center of the stick, but its function remains the same. It tells you which mould th stick is.


Our Stars are placed right above the grip and tell you the amount of carbon that is used in the stick. They start with 10% in the 2 star stick up to 100% carbon that comes with the 7 star stick.

Mould Description

We have many different and unique moulds to choose from. Each mould having an unique shape and curve (location).

Also different is the thickness, shape, and bending.

Every player will like a different choice of mould. For fast ball handling and pushing you might prefer a Low Bow stick, but if you're a striker, a Mid Bow stick might have your preference.

The final choice of stick will depend on your style, field position and level. Every type of player will find suitable stick in the PRINCESS SPORTSGEAR mould selection.

SGI (Mould 1) is a Mid Bow Stick
T-14 (Mould 5) is a Mid Bow Stick
SG9 (Mould 9) is a Low Bow Stick
SGX (Mould 10) is an Extreme Low Bow Stick



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