Selecting the right length of stick is vitally important if all skills of hockey are to be developed and performed well.  In general your height determines what length of stick you should use.

 A lot of players use sticks are far too long - one the main reasons being that it is seen as 'cool' to play with a senior stick.  However using the wrong size will negatively affect the players performance, due to the length and mass not being balanced as well as awkwardness in trying to perfect skills.

There are TWO methods to assist you on the correct stick length.

1. The first method is based on the players height:

 Stick Length (Measured in Inches) Height (ft) Height (m)
28" 4' 1.2m
30" 4'- 4'2'' 1.2 - 1.29 m
31" 4'3" - 4'5" 1.29 - 1.34 m
32" 4'5" - 4'8" 1.34 - 1.42 m
33" 4'8" - 4'10" 1.42 - 1.47 m
34" 4'10" - 5' 1.47 - 1.52 m
35" 5' - 5'3" 1.52 - 1.6 m
36" or 36.5" 5'3" - 5'7" 1.6 - 1.7 m
36.5" (standard senior length) 5'7'' - 5'11" 1.7 - 1.8 m
36.5" or 37.5" (extra length) 5'11'' and over 1.8 m and over


2. The second method is based on the ground up method. The hockey stick is measured from the ground upwards and should be above your hip bone but not higher than your belly button. This is mainly important for junior stick sizing.

2.1 Junior sizing:

Junior stick sizes are measured in inches from 28” to 35” (and sometimes 36”).

Measure from the ground up and ensure the stick is somewhere between the hip bone and belly button. Don’t go below the waist as you will outgrow the stick too quickly. Don’t go above the bellybutton as then the stick will be too long to play with. Somewhere in the middle is just great!

2.2 Senior sizing

Senior stick sizes are measured in either 36.5” or 37.5”

Most of the time hockey sticks for seniors end up below the waist and this is okay. You just have to bend your knees more. You have already learnt the skills you need and the maximum stick length used is normally 37.5” even for the very tall senior international players. The majority of players in the world use the 36.5” standard length hockey stick.




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