Brett Sparks
Brett Sparks

Name: Brett Sparks

Player or Coach: SA junior Player

Date of Birth: 14/04/2003


Outdoor Provincial Hockey: 2015 (U12) made U13 Northern Durbell Team - Bronze medal at IPT 2016 (U13) made U13A WP Team - Silver medal at IPT 2017 (U14) made Western Cape Team - CAPTAIN - Silver medal at Winter Games 2018 (U15) made U16A WP Team - Bronze at IPT 2019 (U16) made U16A WP Team - CAPTAIN - Silver medal at IPT. 2019 Chosen for U16A SA Squad 2019 U16A IPT Player of the Tournament Outdoor School Hockey: 2017 U14A Rondebosch Boys' High School 2018 U16A Rondebosch Boys' High School 2019 U16A Rondebosch Boys' High School CAPTAIN 2019 U19A Rondebosch Boys' High School First Team Officially certified umpire Indoor Hockey: 2015 U12 PSI Indoor Nationals Barracudas 2016 U13 PSI Indoor Nationals Barracudas Gold Medal and Player of the Tournament in B Section 2017 U14 PSI Indoor Nationals Barracudas 2018 U16 PSI Indoor Nationals Barracudas & played finals for U18 Barracudas - Silver Medal 2019 U16 PSI Indoor Nationals Seals


Grade 10 at Rondebosch Boys' High School

Stick: SGX 7 Star (outdoor) White ID2 (indoor)

Role Model:

My older brother Damian Sparks

Career Highlight:

2019 IPT being selected as Player of the Tournament for the U16A section and making the U16A South African Team

Favourite Quote:

"Don't stop when you're tired, stop when you're done"

Social Media: Instagram - @brettsparks_



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