Deal #7: A5 Outdoor & Indoor Combo Deal
Deal #7: A5 Outdoor & Indoor Combo Deal

Deal #7: A5 Outdoor & Indoor Combo Deal

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BLACK FRIDAY DEAL #7: A5 Outdoor & Indoor Combo Deal

Deal Special: 
Buy the Princess A5 outdoor hockey stick and get the A5 indoor stick for FREE! Massive R1500 saving!

WAS: R3000 | NOW: R1499 | SAVE: R1500

Available in 36.5" and 37.5"

Available Moulds: SG9

A5 6 Star Power (80% Carbon):

The 6star offers excellent balance between power (stiffness) and control (touch) with 80% carbon composite giving it long-lasting rigidity and strength. With great touch while still offering plenty of power this is a top range stick for a player looking for a bit more control without compromising hitting power.

PRINCESS Indoor A5 hockey stick (30% Carbon):

The signature indoor stick of SA's best player, Austin Smith is now available!

MOULD / SHAPE of stick:

The Mould 8 shape of the wood indoor stick has a maximum 24.75mm bow. The composite material providing a similar feel to an outdoor stick with stiffness for crisp passes and flicking at goal.

Stick Mould Explanations: 
SGI (Mould 1) is a Mid Bow Stick
T-14 (Mould 5) is a Mid Bow Stick
SG9 (Mould 9) is a Low Bow Stick
SGX (Mould 10) is an Extreme Low Bow Stick




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