Christmas Special #2

Christmas Special #2

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Get a Princess 7 Star senior Hockey Stick all for only R2 000. You Save R 1 500!


7 STAR power (100% Carbon):

The top of the range PRINCESS 7 star hockey stick offers maximum power with 100% carbon composite giving it long-lasting rigidity and strength. With a very crisp feel this is the top of the range stick for a player with excellent touch looking to take advantage of the extra hitting power. 

SGI (Mould 1) is a Mid Bow Stick
T-14 (Mould 5) is a Mid Bow Stick
SG9 (Mould 9) is a Low Bow Stick
SGX (Mould 10) is an Extreme Low Bow Stick


Please note: Orders placed before the 18th of December will still be dispatched as per normal, but any orders placed after the 18th will be dispatched on the 5th of January 2021. 



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