Ruari Baker ("Ru")

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I play with the 7star SG9 37.5" PRINCESS hockey stick!

Ruari Baker ("Ru")

SA u16 Player

DOB: 04/07/97 (16 years old)
Position: Centre Back and drag flicker


My parents put my first hockey stick in my hands when I was 9 months old. Because both my parents play the game, I was expected to play hockey seeing that I grew up next to the hockey field. Up until grade 7 I played all sports, including 1st team cricket and rugby, but it was clear that hockey was by far my favourite. When I moved to Kearsney College in grade 8 I had to choose between hockey and rugby and I'd like to think that I made the correct choice. I have played for the schools first side since grade 9 and was selected for the SA U16 team in 2013. For indoor, I have played for the PSI Durban regional team for the last 4 years at the PSI Nationals and I recently played for the SA U17 all-stars team which had a very successful tour to Namibia.



Be selected for SA U18 before I leave school, and after school to play for a club in Holland or Belgium.



2010 - top goal scorer at PSI nationals for Durban Panthers
2011 - KZN coastal U14 A (outdoor), Durban Panthers U15 at PSI Nationals
2012 - KZN coastal U16 B drag flicker (top goal scorer), Panthers U15 at PSI Nationals, Kearsney college 1st team (ranked 1st in the province)
2013 - KZN coastal U16 A drag flicker, SA U16 flicker, Panthers U16 at PSI Nationals, Kearsney college 1st team flicker (ranked 2nd in the province), Kearsney hockey club men's 1st team which placed 3rd in the premier division, invited to Holland for specialist drag flicking coaching with Albert Kuys and Justin Reid-Ross by Giles Bonnet

2014 - can't wait for the season!


I realised Princess was a great brand when I started using the ID2 indoor stick and after I saw how big it was in Holland. Since then, I have wanted only Princess equipment, both indoor and outdoor. I am very passionate about my hockey and proud to be part of the PRINCESS Ambassador team in KZN!