Jarryd Patrick ("JD")

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I've been a PRINCESS Player and Coach since 2010!


I play and coach with the PRINCESS A5, Mould 1, 36.5"! 

Jarryd Patrick ("JD")

Provincial Player &Coach

Hockey started for Jarryd at a later stage compared to most players today, as he didn’t have boy’s hockey at his primary school. Jarryd started playing as soon as he got to high school. Sasolburg High School only had an u/16 and 1st team so there still wasn't a ‘big’ league to compete in.  

However once Jarryd started playing the game, there was no turning back and his love for the game just kept on growing. So he joined the local Hockey Club down the road from his family home at the age of 14 to gain more playing experience. The Club competed in the lower Southern Gauteng leagues.
After representing Free State at a u/16 level in 2006, Jarryd decided to try take the game more seriously and play in a tougher league. In 2007 he joined Morningside Country Club who at that time had both their 1st and 2nd teams in the 1st SG league. He moved between the two teams and helped the 1st team get promoted to the premier league where he also featured in 2008. By then he was also representing Free State at a u/18 level.
In 2009 Jarryd moved to Bloemfontein to study. This is also where the passion and love for the game continues so much so that in August 2010 he and a parner started a hockey business in Bloemfontein, "Legends Hockey" which is running successfully to this day.
Hobbies: Business, golf, tennis, eating and watching series/movies.
Favourite Playing Moment: Winning Men’s IPT B-Section in 2011. Playing A-Section has been our goal since 2009. Also playing against Russia’s National Side and South Africa’s training squad during their training camps in Bloemfontein.
Favourite Coaching Moment: Coaching at the Princess Dutch Clinic as well as the Legends Hockey Clinics. Improving the individual skill of our future players.
Biggest Disappointment in Hockey: Playing in the u/21 IPT Final in Durban 2011 against Southern Gauteng. Very dramatic playing in heavy rain, water logged turf that the game was postponed until the water subsided. Losing 1-0 just before half time, I ‘scored’ a diving deflection that beat Michaal Smith (SG Goalie). The umpires didn’t allow the goal. We went on to lose the Final 3-0 after beating them in the group stages 3-2 (2-0 down after half time).

Hockey Achievements:
2009: Free State u/21, Central University of Technology 1st Team &CUT Player of the Year
2010: Free State Mens Squad, Free State u/21 (2nd place), Central University of Technology 1st Team (Captain)
2011:  Free State Mens Team (Winning B-Section),  Free State u/21 (2nd place), Central University of Technology 1st Team (Captain)
2012: Free State Mens Team, Central University of Technology 1st Team (Captain)
Coaching Career:
• Level 1 Hockey Coaching Accreditation (SAHA)
• Grey Primary School Teams (2009)
• Kovsies Hostel League Teams (2010-2011)
• Central University of Technology 1st Team Assistant Coach (2011)
• Central University of Technology 2nd Team Coach (2012)
• Various Primary School Clinics (2009 - present)
• Princess Dutch Clinic Bloemfontein (2012 - present)
• Legends Hockey Coaching Clinics (2011 - present)