Ozzo Skins (chamois grip)

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Austin Smith always has an Ozzo skin on his PRINCESS hockey stick when taking the field!

Ozzo Skins (chamois grip)


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Ozzo skins - the highest quality chamois / synthetic overgrips available in South Africa (imported item)!


Why use an Ozzo skin overgrip?

  • All moisture (sweat, rain, water from turf) is absorbed to give you perfect grip of your stick at all times. 
  • Synthetic overgrips have a softer feel and are more comfortable. 
  • Your sticks grip remains undamaged and never needs to be replaced.
  • Ozzo skins are not sticky like undergrips - they are wrapped tightly over the sticks existing grip. They can be re-used multiple times. 


Available in a wide range of exciting colours:

  • Original chamois (yellow)
  • Original chamois (white)
  • Original chamois (black) - NEW!
  • Black/Grey (thick)
  • Dark blue (thick)
  • Light blue (thick)
  • Pink (thick)
  • Yellow (thick)
  • Red (thick)
  • Apple green (thick)
Price: R99.95 each (includes free delivery in SA)
As used by top international hockey players!

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