PRINCESS Indoor K5 (Carbon) Senior

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The PRINCESS K5  is the signature indoor stick of Namibia’s best player, Kiana Cormack#5!

PRINCESS Indoor K5 (Carbon) Senior


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30% Carbon | 5% Kevlar | 65% Glassfiber


36.5" | 37.5" |

PRINCESS K5 Indoor hockey stick - Carbon



The signature stick of Namibia’s best indoor hockey player, Kiana  Cormack #5!



MOULD / SHAPE of stick

The Mould 8 shape of the indoor stick has a maximum 24.75mm bow. The composite material providing a similar feel to an outdoor stick with stiffness for crisp passes and flicking at goal.  



SIZES: 36.5" (standard) and 37.5"



CARBON30% carbon composite (standard power vs feel balance)



COLOURS: Rose gold/Black 



PRICE: R999.95 all inclusive (free delivery in SA)




  • One balanced weight for each stick (no lights or mediums) because Teun believes there is only one weight and that’s ‘BALANCED!’
  • All PRINCESS sticks come with a full manufacturers defect replacement GUARANTEE!

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