PRINCESS 4 Star (2018 range)

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Last 2 units left! Was R1949.95, now only R1349.95 ! GREAT DEAL!

PRINCESS 4 Star (2018 range)


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40% Carbon | 5% Kevlar | 55% Glassfiber


37.5 |

Last 2 units left! Was R1949.95, now only R1349.95 ! GREAT DEAL!


4 STAR Power

The 4star offers superb touch with only 40% carbon composite it is a softer stick with excellent control. Perfect for a more junior player who is looking for a better first touch and extra feel. A senior player should be able to handle the 5star power comfortably. 

MOULD / SHAPE of stick

The Mould 9 (SG9) is a LATE BOW - a specialist stick for drag flicking and aerial skills (lifts & flips). The right hand grip is perfectly shaped for comfort and execution when drag-flicking, while the head is shaped for great dribbling control. The Mould 9 is a legal late bow of 24.75mm that meets the new FIH regulations for sticks effective at FIH competitions from 1 Jan 2011 and effective worldwide for all players from 1 Jan 2013. 
Ambassador players: Dutch men’s Olympic drag flicker &striker Roderick Weusthof and Dutch women’s Olympic striker Kim Lammers
SIZE: 36.5" (standard length) or 37.5" (extra length) - only 37.5" left in stock!
PRICE: Was R1949.95, now only R1349.95 (last 2 units left) - all inclusive (free delivery in SA)
  • STARS on sticks (2star – 7star) indicate the quality / carbon level / stiffness of stick. For e.g. 7 star with maximum carbon (100%) and greatest stiffness for max hitting power. And the 2star with only 10% carbon has maximum feel giving up a lot of hitting power. 
  • Colour of stick = star power. 7star sticks are black-and-orange, 6 star sticks are all black-and-green, 5star sticks are all black-and-yellow etc.
  • 5 different MOULDS / shapes of sticks suited for different players / positions. Each stick has the same graphics except on the head of each stick, there are text graphics showing the mould. For e.g. 7star Mould 1 (SG1) sticks all have the same black and orange graphics but the head of the stick has "SG1" on it. 
  • "SG#" on the head of each stick stands for “Sports Gear” and the number tells you which mould the stick is.
  • One balanced weight for each stick (no lights or mediums) because Teun believes there is only one weight and that’s ‘BALANCED!’
  • All PRINCESS sticks are specially reinforced on the heel and along the reverse stick zone. 

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