Carbon Braid Hockey Stick Senior
Carbon Braid Hockey Stick Senior
Carbon Braid Hockey Stick Senior

Carbon Braid Hockey Stick Senior

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CARBON BRAID (100% Carbon):

The Princess Carbon Braid is the new revolution in hockey sticks. This technology provides the stick with an extreme stiffness. It has more touch and is extremely light.

The combination of the extreme stiffness, the continuous curve and bigger hook provide extreme power and strength.

The Carbon Braid embraces the flex and returns the stick to its natural plane quicker than any other stick. More energy is transferred to the ball and the ball moves faster when hit with Carbon Braid. The ball is given more energy, making it easier to strike with force.

The stick is suitable for advanced players who want a stick to give them more power.

Moulds / Shapes: 

The Carbon Braid is available in the SG9 (Mould 9) late bow shape. The most popular shape in the Princess range!

We have many different and unique moulds to choose from. Each mould having an unique shape and curve (location).

Also different is the thickness, shape, and bending.

Every player will have a different choice of mould. For fast ball handling and pushing you might prefer a Low Bow stick, but if you're a striker, a Mid Bow stick might have your preference.

The final choice of stick will depend on your style, field position and level. Every type of player will find a suitable stick in the PRINCESS SPORTSGEAR mould selection.

Moulds of Princess sticks

  • SG1 (Mould 1) is a Mid Bow Stick
  • T-14 (Mould 5) is a Mid Bow Stick
  • SG9 (Mould 9) is a Low Bow Stick - Carbon Braid only in this mould!
  • SGX (Mould 10) is an Extreme Low Bow Stick
Sizes: 36.5" (standard length) or 37.5" (extra length)
One of the best sticks ever made!
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